Goddesses Favor: Rise of the Shunned

Goddesses Favor: Rise of the Shunned


Bobbayee Fantasy

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Yuragi Shun, a Man unknown to the society has decided to turn his life around by climbing the \'Agnir\' mountain. Considered to be one of the seven \'Wonders\' of the world. Yuragi is a man who is mediocre in everything. But, he is not ready to give up his journey despite that.
Through pain, cold and death... He eventually managed to reach the peak of Agnir. Where he is the first ever person to do such thing. Cementing himself as one of the best people in the world already.
That\'s when he unfortunately, passes away. But not for long. As the morning came, he suddenly get revived and feels what he never felt before. The feeling of satisfaction...
And now, he put his sight on the other Wonders of the World.


Tags: HEpowerfulbxgseriousloserlucky dogcampusmythologyharemwarmusclebear
Latest Updated
Chapter 18: They're all dead!

"Alright folks! That's it for now! Rest up properly and we're going to advance once again!"

After a bit. The Group managed to clear out the first wave of the undead. Surprisingly, the undead aren't coordinated at all. Despite me knowing for fact that the Lich gave them a proper command.

So, that means that the Lich purposefully do……


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