Sexy Therapy for My ED Alpha

Sexy Therapy for My ED Alpha


Fiona Holmes Romance

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Hearing the sound of men's peeing, she became Dr Winnie again.
"Drop by drop. Bro, it's time for a prostate check."
"Your urine goes in different directions. Man, you have too much masturbating."
"Off and on. You have kidney deficiency symptoms."
"Oh, there's one left. Wow, loud and long. Sir, congrats, your s****l ability should be great. At least two hours each time, am I right? "
Without getting any response, Winnie walked over and looked at it for half a minute. Then she raised her head and described professionally, "It looks so perfect."
[At least twenty-eight centimetres! And it is huge and good-looking.]

... ...
The first time Winnie met Caesar was in the hospital. Her damn husband had a car accident while having s*x with his mistress and she was the attending doctor! She was crying in the corner when she saw Caesar;
The second time they met was in the men's room. Caesar was peeing and as a professional specialist, she had a thorough check on his pe*is and highly commented on his s****l ability;
The third time, Winnie was in Caesar's room. He was having a shower while Winnie grabbed his pe*is! Caesar couldn't resist the urge to f*ck her anymore!
This was a love story between a bold ED Specialist and an ED Alpha CEO.
They were the ones for each other and only had feelings for each other.


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92 You Turned Me on

The bright light fell on the shoulders of the man entering. He looked extraordinarily tall and sturdy.

Caesar darted at her and stuffed a hand into the pocket of his slacks while shutting the door calmly.

Winnie's lips parted, but she didn't utter any word. The slight click-clack sounds from her high heels were heard. She was flinchi……


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