P.E. Padilla Action

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A fledgling government in threat of extinction. Three artifacts of power that hold the key to safety, or to doom. A powerful energy user who will stop at nothing to rule over all.

Sam Sharp faces the end of all he knows and loves on his adopted world of Gythe. Ayim Rasaad, mage and expert fighter, along with her army of humans and mutated creatures, searches for three items of power. If she collects them, she will be unstoppable in her plot to conquer the world.

With only the smallest seed of a plan and not nearly enough information to act with certainty, Sam and his allies must foil Rasaad’s campaign or watch as Gythe is plunged into the darkness of her tyrannical rule. The people call him the Hero of Gythe. Now he needs to prove that he deserves the title.


Tags: adventureseriousstraightmale leadwar
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Preview of Resonance:

Preview of Resonance:

Harmonic Magic Book 3

Zouyim master Chetra Dal had narrowly escaped death. His fellow monks had not. He was not in the clear yet, though. The creature, some sort of guardian, had found them searching where they did not belong. It hunted him still. Its heavy footfalls shook the stone floor of the passageway, ……