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Elena took a deep breath and tried to prevent her legs from trembling as she met his brown eyes with her emerald ones.

"Get your hands off me, I am in a happy relationship." She snapped, ripping his hand off her back.

"I know angel, that what makes this game so much more interesting." Elena watched in anger and frustration as his lips raised into a cruel smile.

"And its going to make devouring you so much fun."

A story of denial, dominance, and pain.


Tags: BDSMforbiddenlove-trianglepossessivesexdramatragedytwistedbxg
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Chapter Ten

Elena's body trembled against the cold metal door of her car as sobs ripped their way out of her throat. Tears streamed down her face, as she slowly forced herself back to her feet and leaned against her car for support. She started to take deep breaths, forcing herself to stabilize. She knew what she had to do now.  She turned around and unlock……