Mr. Callboy: My Babies Father is a CEO

Mr. Callboy: My Babies Father is a CEO


LydiaWriter Romance

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Being betrayed by her fiancé and cousin, Gwen walked into their trap and lost her virginity to a mysterious “callboy”. Overnight, she was overwhelmed by numerous bad news.
Her father’s suicide?!
Her family’s bankruptcy?!
Being framed to be a slut?!
Four years later, she returned with her three babies. Fate brought that masked "callboy" back to her again. And he seemed to have another identity?!

“It’s you! Do you remember me?” Gwen stepped forward, “Four years ago, I got drunk in a private room here. My cousin Belle paid you to spend that night with me... We went to the Cloudia Hotel...”

“Oh, it seems that night is so unforgettable for you, and me too. You have a red birthmark on your chest,” the man narrowed his eyes, “and we DID at least seven times that night till morning.”


Tags: billionaireplayboybadboybadgirlkickass heroineCEObxgfirst love
Latest Updated
Chapter 189 Mistake

Belle probably installed some tracking software on Adam's phone so she could know his exact location all the time. She probably called Adam but Adam didn't pick up the phone…
This was such a mess… 
"Who was it? Who just called you, Gwen?" Chris frowned. 
"It's Belle," Gwen was so pissed off, "She's such a madwoman. She didn't ……


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