Killed by the Alpha

Killed by the Alpha


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“I won’t stop until I kill you with my own bare hands.” Lynn voiced out in so much anger, her fisted hands shaking on her side as her nose flared up in rage.
Sanderce let out an amused laugh, “Let’s see you try then, kitten.” He provoked the woman, causing another turmoil in her. “And not until I kill you first.” Sanderce growled and then dashed towards where she was standing, a knife in his hand.

Lynn Kerrich was killed by an Alpha named Sanderce Osbourne as she was red handedly caught stealing medicines from the Crimson Blood Pack. The pack that owns, rules, and governs the whole Vielto City. Making them the top pack in the country of Visko.
However, she only did it because her grandmother has a very rare condition and is on the verge of dying. There is a saying that 'desperate times call for desperate measures' and she was beyond desperate to help her grandmother.
Ofcourse, anything for her grandmother.
Being in the poor side of the Vielto City, Lynn doesn't have much of an opportunity to have her grandmother healed as she didn't have the money nor the connections to save Lorna, her grandmother.
Sanderce Osbourne is known for being a notorious Alpha. He ruled the place with an iron fist and no one dared to challenge him as he had a connection with the Wolf King of the Monleite Kingdom. And due to that fact, he can’t be punished for all of the wrong deeds that he ever did in his entire life.
That being said, Alpha Sanderce killed Lynn Kerrich that very moment, not giving her the chance to explain herself or even defend herself when he stabbed her in her heart.
Lynn Kerrich, thinking that it was the end of her life, was surprised when she woke up on the very next day. Alive, breathing and still in her own body. Then, that’s when it hit her that the gods or goddess was giving her a chance to save her grandmother… or herself. However, Lorna still died because her condition worsened.
If it wasn't for Alpha Sanderce, Lynn could've helped her grandmother. Now she's set off to get the revenge that she wanted for her deceased grandmother.
Not until she found out that she and Alpha Sanderce are mates.
Will she continue with her revenge and reject him or will she accept Alpha Sanderce Osbourne as her mate?
Is Lynn Kerrich ready to risk her one chance of having a mate for the vengeance that she yearns for?


Tags: revengealphadarkreincarnation/transmigrationbadboykickass heroinelunabxgheavypack
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