The Reforged Trilogy

The Reforged Trilogy


Erica Lindquist Science Fiction

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This boxed set includes all three books of the Reforged Trilogy, plus four short stories.Crucible of StarsA chance for escape becomes a chance for redemption.Maeve Cavainna is running and her wings won't save her. The infamous bounty hunter, Logan Coldhand, chases close behind her and intends to drag Maeve back to the planet of Axis to collect the high price on her head. When he finally corners her, the long chase seems to be over… until a frightened alien girl stumbles into their fight and begs for their protection. Maeve and Logan call a reluctant end to their battle and promise to help the girl, but they have agreed to far more than they know.Can the fragile peace between hunter and mark hold long enough to save the lives that depend on them?Sword of DreamsDeath isn't done with them.For a church dedicated to the worship of death, the Cult of Nihil stubbornly refuses to die. When word reaches the bounty hunter who calls himself Logan Coldhand that the Central World Alliance is willing to pay for members of the congregation, he takes the job. Perhaps chasing death will help him recapture the thrill of the hunt, lost ever since the mark that got away.Halfway across the galaxy, Maeve and the rest of the Blue Phoenix crew are still struggling to rebuild their lives after a devastating encounter with the Nihilists. But when Captain Myles agrees to take on what should be a simple job – flying a team of archaeologists to the remote planet of Prianus – they find themselves pitted against old enemies and ancient terrors.ForgedBefore Maeve and the crew of the Blue Phoenix make their desperate bid to reforge the galaxy, each of them were first forged themselves in the crucible of galactic events.Forged includes four short stories that take place before Crucible of Stars and the rest of the Reforged Trilogy.Purity: Maeve Cavainna was once a knight of Arcadia. How did she fall so far?Little Hawk: A story of honor and childhood on Prianus.Beauty By Night: An art thief seeks to recapture his humanity.Songs and Sigils in Space: Tiberius hires a destitute fairy and the crew of the Blue Phoenix has a deadly – but profitable – encounter with the Nnyth.Hammer of TimeTime heals all wounds.Duaal Sinnay may have banished Xartasia and the Devourers from Prianus, but they're not gone. Maeve has gone to warn the Central World Alliance, but they have no interest in fairy tales and stories of monsters. So when rumors start of a mysterious White Queen promising the return of Arcadia, the Alliance takes no notice.Now it falls to the crew of the Blue Phoenix to discover what is happening. Maeve has little doubt that Xartasia is this White Queen, but if that's true, then how can Devourers help her to bring back the kingdom that they themselves destroyed a century ago? Whatever the answer, it promises nothing good for the rest of the galaxy…


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