BLOOD FEUD -A Forbidden Love (English)

BLOOD FEUD -A Forbidden Love (English)


Ms.Blackrose01 Fantasy

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For centuries, concealed to humanity’s knowledge, there was a deathless blood craving for the supreme and powerful vampires and their lesser counterparts whom they called mortals. They stalk their victims in royal gatherings, on events and celebrations thus luring them with their sweet talking and authoritative yet charming appearances. They mingle with them as if they are part of their world. That is how they feed, not just for survival but for pleasure. Every vampire from different covens knew about their sacred rule -Never to fall in love with a human species. That had been the greatest command known to their clan and no one dares to defy and contravene it for the punishment is death by sunlight.
No one except for Callidora, the sole daughter of a Grand Elder named Lord Massimo Deveign, who got acquainted and tangled with a Member of a Royal Family named Prince Leopold Blewett.
Callidora hid her true identity to Prince Leopold because she begins to fall in love with him and is afraid that she might scare him off. But little did Callidora know, Prince Leopold’s heart is held captive by her beauty and charm. They kept their love affair secret as insisted by Callidora for she knew that what she did was unacceptable and gravely wrong, defying her heritage’s ancient rule and her father’s trust.
Will Callidora follow her heart’s desire and love Prince Leopold regardless of the odds? Or will she give in to the hunger that consumes her for centuries as the demon she really was?


Tags: darkforbiddenpowerfulprinceroyalty/nobleevilvampireroyalRoyal Romance Writing Contest
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Chapter 20

Chapter 20 

It had been a while since I saw the strand of black rose on the stoned bench where I knew Callidora placed it intentionally. It has been quite a while since the last time I saw her. I am full of myself that she left it there. I had no other assumption of who might place it there, but her. I am certain o……


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