The beta and his rejected mate

The beta and his rejected mate


AnuR Romance

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I was staying with my brother Jasper. He hates my existence because he blames me for our parents' death, which happened 9 years ago in a rogue attack. He doesn't treat me better, so this gives everyone else an open door to bully me and they do well.

I was bullied in school and the pack as well by our future alpha's brother and his gang including my brother as well. Although neither he will bully me nor stop them which hurts me like a niddle pinpoint in the depth of my heart.

I left to pack for my higher study before I turn 18 and after 6 months I have to come back to pack as per alpha Christopher's order. He said everyone from our pack needs to be present at the pack celebration.

6 month later
There in the corridor, it hit me like a wave of a tsunami, this delicious smell of vanilla and honey with a mix of nicotine. Wait, what is this smell?

Then my wolf says something in my mind which I can't digest, either now... or forever... and about him...being my mate... never .......

he turns and that emotion of amusement turns to disgust in his eyes which broke my heart.

That is why I said hurts... I would rather accept death than be his mate.....but it still hurt to know his feeling of disgust toward me.

Wait a minute... He is marked and mated as well...

It hurts like hell!!!!!

What happens next and how will we all cope with this situation.. know more...keep on reading!!!!!!

Thank you all.


Tags: friends to loverscounterattacktwistedmysterybetrayaldisappearancerejectedhumiliatedDreame Love Story Contest
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