Casanova's Mate

Casanova's Mate


Midnight Caroline YA&Teenfiction

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In East High, students were  divided according to their financial statuses and power. Those students who were categorized under the 'low class' and 'middle class' students were obliged to obey those students under the 'highest class'. And those students under the highest class should NEVER FALL IN LOVE to those under them. This rule was made by Samatha Gibbs, leader of the cheerleading team. Thus, this rule was accepted and agreed by the whole students in the university. The whole campus was led by Jack Anderson, captain of the undefeated football team, well known for being a playboy and a bully. Well, as well as of course, no other than Samantha Gibbs the campus belle, the campus' law creator.


Tags: lightheartedcampussecretsWho Will Be Her Mates - 2023 Writing Contest to Win $57,900
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The bracelet

"Do you have any plans today?" He asked.

"Nope. Why?" I replied.

"That's cool. I actually have a plan to spend this day with you." He said.

My face turned red. God! Why can he be this cheesy?

"Marco, can I call you babe?" I shyly asked him.

"You've been calling me 'babe' ever sin……


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