Vampire Campfire

Vampire Campfire

Clare Kauter Paranormal Urban

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Missing magicals, murder, and mayhem.

Magicals are disappearing all over Hellfire Shire, and no one has a clue what’s happening to them. For once, Nessa actually wants to get involved in a case – but she’s assigned to a boring murder investigation tead. That’s not going to stop her from looking for a certain missing vampire, though...

As she struggles to gain control of her increasingly powerful magic, Nessa's temper is even less predictable than normal – and that’s not good for anyone. If only she had someone to help her. Trouble is, she’s still not entirely sure what’s going on beeen her and Henry, and she’s not entirely ready to find out.

If Nessa doesn’t figure things out soon, she might go ane.

Like, literally.

Vampires, ghosts and witches – oh my! Another laugh-out-loud talment of the Damned Girl series, perfect for anyone who loves a dash of humor with their paranormal mysteries.

Grab a cup of coffee and settle in to solve a murder with your favourite witch detective. Download your copy today!


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