The Matchmaker Meets Her Match

The Matchmaker Meets Her Match


Kuineru Paranormal Urban

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After a near death experience, Beatrice is given a choice between dying and returning to life but with a catch. She chooses to live but has to live her life repenting for all her soul's sins by helping people discover their fated lover's. She takes on the job as a matchmaker, giving people advice through the new power she gained that is being able to tell who is more compatible with who. One day, she comes across a man who she happens to be very compatible with. However, not so long afterwards, another man appears to be compatible with her and soon she finds herself facing off between three men interested in being her lover. Which one of them will she choose to be her true fated lover?


Tags: fatedsecond chancegoodgirlsensitivesweetbxgfemale leadcityfirst loveshy
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When we reached the car, Ambrose opened the passenger side door for me to enter, but I hesitated to do so. I looked at him and he nodded, giving me the confirmation to do it and to cast aside my reluctance. I didn't understand anything at all that was happening but for me to, I knew that I had to give Ambrose the chance to explain everything to ……


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