Bobbayee Romance

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"Wait! Are you Niko Torrentia?!" A girl screamed. She look kind of surprised seeing a boy that is really different from what she remember. A boy that's supposed to look mediocre, not have that much talents. Look entirely different.
"Please, Can you keep this a secret from everyone else? I beg you. Please!" The boy begged. The girl immediately answered him.
Thus begun the secret relationship between what supposed to be a 'Mediocre' Boy and The Cutest Girl in the school.


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Chapter 73: NikoSaku.

"There it is folks! Niko Torrentia! The greatest player alive! With the ball in his foot and only 2 Minutes to go and score! Let's see what he's going to let us see!"

The commentator voice can be heard. Niko, Getting a pass from Nagi. The trap lord. He and Niko is deemed the best Brother in the Soccer scene.

"Daddy/Dear!!! Go!"