Beyond The Sky

Beyond The Sky


YZ Homehub Fantasy

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Beyond the sky lies a multitude of worlds, each with their own mysteries and dangers. Our young protagonists, brave inhabitants of a budding civilization, are thrown into war against an invading empire and are forced to fight for survival. And as they do, they discover realms outside their own and embark on a grand adventure across galaxies. They must work together, along with the new allies they acquire along their journey, to face off with the ancient forces that threaten the very fabric of reality. From thriving green forests, to perilous battles and the infinite cosmos, join our protagonists on a journey of discovery and danger like no other.
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Tags: kickingmysteryanother world
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9 – From Despair to Laughter

Rhaegon lay dead before Landis, his brother felled by the enemy's sword. Landis watched in horror as the soldiers closed in around him, their bloodlust rising with each passing moment. For Landis, death was now but an escape from this wretched scene, the only release from the agony of defeat.

He had given up everything to protect thos……


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