I Shall Survive Using Potions! Volume 3

I Shall Survive Using Potions! Volume 3


FUNA YA&Teenfiction

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Kaoru has been reincarnated in another world and receives a cheat ability that allows her to create potions as an apology for her death. After creating a commotion wherever she goes with her powers and calling upon the Goddess Celes to create miracles, her travels have led her to the Kingdom of Jusral. She opens up a medicine shop there and finally strives to live a quiet life selling her medicinal potions...but her medicine is so effective that even the army and nobles come rushing in!The third volume of the super popular series arrives! What sort of miracles will Kaoru the "friend of the Goddess" cause this time?


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Hello, this is FUNA.

I’d like to sincerely thank you for picking up this title!

This brings the second season of I Shall Survive Using Potions! to a close.

Since I was bringing back a title that had wrapped up once already, I was prepared to receive comments saying, “It would have been better to end it at the first ……