The Moon

The Moon


BrattyBetty Fantasy

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Ioana escaped her coven when she learned of their wicked plan. She wasn’t letting them sacrifice her only daughter. She settled down in a small patch of woods near a town. She raised Marama alone, but not in fear. It wasn’t until Marama was a grown woman when their past troubles came knocking. Would Ioana regret waiting so long before telling Marama their true reasons, who they really were?
A dedicated wolf, the neverending love of her mother and a new friendship was bound to keep Marama on the winning side. But what if love blinds her, her mothers love was smothering and that friendship turns to a love triangle gone wrong? Either way Marama has a decision to make and no time to wonder.


Tags: darkfateddominantsubmissivetragedybxgbisexualmysteryabusefirst loveWerewolf/Billionaire LGBT+ Writing Contest ⅡStary Writing Academy II - Adventure NovelsRoyal Romance Writing Contest
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Once at the dining hall Marama saw her mother again. They were seated next to each other at the main table. Lazarus sat to the right of Marama while Ioana sat to the left. The rest of the main table was filled by members of Lazarus’ army. People from the nearby villages even attended dinner, to see the Marama in p……