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When no one understands Eloa Atwood or the reasons behind her violence, she is shipped off to a college in Switzerland to come to terms with how to deal with the violent tendency in herself. But suddenly she is thrown in a world where magic happens every minute.
Eloa comes to know is not a juvenile delinquent but a confused teenager who does not know how to deal with her burgeoning power. Everything is happening fast and in the mean time she has to deal with the villains of the class and also save her friends from enemies.
A creature which has never been seen before, with the power of four elements in her blood and added fifth one of the Spirit, it seems that the Universe has conspired for a long time to make Eloa, the unique Druid that she is.

Unlikely friendships bloom and along with that love also blooms in a very unusual manner but will she be able to save everything that she loves from darkness or will she herself succumb to darkness and lose everything that she holds precious to herself..


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Chapter 60

I was standing atop the fountain, broken one of course and looked all around me. Fire is the most beautiful weapon of them all. It shines with all its glory; maybe that's why I'm so attracted to it? The warmth along with the welcoming feel it gives but as you slowly approach it snarls and bites. Everything you love could be gone in minutes, due ……