Overthrowing A Hero

Overthrowing A Hero


Luna Sol Fantasy

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Carl is an honest and sincere man. But he didn't live a good life. There's no 'good luck' word in his life. His father died and his mother abandoned him in the suburbs. The one who took him in becomes unlucky. The girl he loved the most betrayed him and he is now a wanted person in the mafia list of mafia because of a debt that he didn't even do.

Losing hope and interest, he decided to end his cheap life.

"My life is a shit, so might as well suicide." He whispered on the river side. His life is an embodiment of unluckiness.


His old cell phone just got a message, Carl took a look at the screen:

"Do you want a new life? Do you want to be a man who will rule a world?"

[Yes] [No]


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationaloofkickingmale leadmagical worldanother worldfaceslappingrebirth/rebornspecial abilityweak to strong
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Blue Skies

Chapter 23: Blue Skies

"Please! Don't hurt the young prince."

"Krrr.. krrrr." Carl felt swollen on his entire body. The sound of ruckus far away woke him up from his deep slumber.

Gazing the blue sky above. The nostalgia comes to him.


'Am I back on earth? Did I……