The Journey of the Wandering Sage

The Journey of the Wandering Sage


Ravz Fantasy

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" I wish to travel around the world"
30-year old Albus Sommerfield summoned in another world
wishes to travel around the world due to his wandering nature.

What kind of journey will he have? What kind encounters will he meet?

So let's begin the journey of man who will know as "Wandering Sage"


Tags: adventurereincarnation/transmigrationpowerfulbxgotakumagemagical worldanother worldrebirth/rebornweak to strong
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Boar Extermination and The Ruins

As darkness falls in the village of  Phys, I Albus Sommerfield was walking in the fields that the boar destroyed. As I assess the damage cause by this boar I noticed something in the crops in the field

" The crops surrounding the tracks withered while in the others are not?"  I said while picking it and when I appraise it