Alphas broken mate

Alphas broken mate


Black moon Paranormal

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A werewolf male, strong, arrogant, powerful, an alpha at which, a small female, fragile, soft, hates violence an alphas daughter but completely different to what she should be.
Will her light fight his darkness
Will her care save him from his hurt
Will these two ever find love within each other
Or will her past ruin her future


Tags: alphapossessivesexarrogantdominantsubmissiveothersbadboygoodgirl
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My mates name (7)

Moon's pov:

After I got back from the lake I decided I'd take a nice relaxing bath and read a book to calm my nerves and remember all that had happened today 

Was I really dreaming or did my mate be nice to me, no that can't be possible right!?

That's when I realised I don't even know my mates name, all I've been calling h……