Seduced by my Step-brother

Seduced by my Step-brother


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Olivia and Xavier who never knew each other before, by a wicked twist of fate happened to meet as a family- as step-brother and step-sister.

From the moment they laid their sights on each other, they knew their heart's desire. They wanted each other and both are not going to hold themselves because of the word 'family.'

So, what is fate is wicked? Their love and seduction are much more wicked than fate itself.

The moment Xavier's eyes fell on Olivia, he felt a primal desire inside him. He wanted to do nothing but take her then and there.

He was the man who leaves women wanting more, but with Olivia, he ended up being the one wanting more.

She was wildfire and he wanted her, even it meant to be burnt into ashes.


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Chapter 15. Satisfying her

Xavier felt Olivia's lips meet his forceful ministrations with equal fervor. Both were battling with their lips, and neither was willing to part their lips. Their kiss resembled like a tug of war of feathery caresses. Men were naturally aggressive and the feeling only manifests when faced with physical lust. When faced with a woman th……