Nirv Fantasy

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When the Neiter nation began to find weapons of destruction, they began to oppress the other nations. so that they slaughtered all nations that were disobedient and submissive.
a nation that does not want to be destroyed, they are forced to become subordinate dogs.
they were forced to become soldiers to attack nations that did not submit. finally all the nations of the continent of Lefia surrendered and they were under one power, the Neiter nation.
The news of the destruction of the continent of Lefia was heard to the continent of Regia.the nations of the whole of Regia meet and they unite to repel the invasion from Neiter nation.
Jim Slavn is a young man who served in the port of Gorgon, he lives with his family near the port, while Jim was on guard, something that was feared by the whole nation of Regia, Jim saw thousands of sailing ships seen approaching the harbor.
could the Regia be able to defend its territory from destruction?


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationsystemtragedytwistedstraightlucky dogmale leadmagical worlddystopianweak to strongRebirth Fiction Writing Contest
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A few days later, the conditions of Captain D'Breick and Captain Navel gradually improved. They can walk again, indeed their recovery is very fast. They can even fight again.

However, this is inversely proportional to the conditions in which the military office was previously used as a battlefield. The place was still destroyed even……