Quantum Leap - Vol. 9 Robyn Hode Takes On The World

Quantum Leap - Vol. 9 Robyn Hode Takes On The World


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All the humans that were being targeted by me had had arrows jutting out from their chests and backs like a pin cushion and all those lads were sprawled on the ground, presumably met their demise while trying to run away. I wondered what had happened and was half expecting some applause from the spectators in the market place.

However, there is only one explanation that could sum it all up. I had transmigrated into the body of a cold-blooded murderer...! "OH, FUCK SHIT...! OH, BOY...!!! What transpired just a few seconds ago? Why can't I transmigrate a minute or two before all these happenings? GOD DAMN MOTHER FUCKING SHIT...!!! ITS SIMPLY FUCKING A-M-A-Z-I-N-G...!!! Someone is now moving toward me..." I thought inwardly as I stood there frigid and rooted to the ground with the bow in my left and the remaining arrows embedded on the ground.

"LOOK...!!! That's HIM, right over there...!! He's the ONE that KILLED those lads over here...!! THAT'S HIM...the one with the RED NAME over his head...GO GET HIM...DON'T LET HIM ESCAPE...!!" a tough-looking man in a semi cloth and leather outfit was roaring aloud and gesticulating towards me as some burly men turned around and started to pursue and beckoning to capture me alive...!!


Tags: adventurereincarnation/transmigrationbody exchange/body swapindependentbisexualhumorousmedievalanother worldfaceslappingrebirth/rebornWriting Academy
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