Shads Of Fae Rise of the Dragon

Shads Of Fae Rise of the Dragon


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Becoming the first of your kind can always come with challenges, Dante knew this from a young age. He still chose this path and even though it is difficult, he does not regret it one bit.

Dante POV
Once back home I took to my mountain I have longed for many nights. Shifting for the first time in months, I look to my side as I feel my bones cracking, reshifting, and growing. It sounds painful but to me its like a good stretch that pops your bones in the right place. I could easily shift in a matter of seconds but I wanted to take it slow and watch it happen, cause to this day it still amazes me that I can become this magnificent creature of the sky.
Looking to my side I see black wing spring from my back, unfolding in all its glory. Looking down My leg transforms to a giant scaled dragon leg. As it finishes I notice my height changes and I am taller. My arms have transformed as well and now my head has enlarged.

It has been to long, my dragon tells me and I couldn't agree more. I spread my wings, look down at the 800 feet drop and I lung out in a downward fall with only the wind on my face.


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Chapter 9

        Jessica's POV 

    After Dante left me on the porch for that red headed mermaid, I locked up and left. I wasn't mad or jealous, I was actually relieved. Up until about two weeks ago I actually had real feelings for Dante. That's when I met my mate……