WALKING THE PATH OF AN ADVENTURER. This is a story dedicated to all Pacific island females. It is based on a true story.

WALKING THE PATH OF AN ADVENTURER. This is a story dedicated to all Pacific island females. It is based on a true story.


Suslyn Funaga Romance

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It was a night so beautiful and just by looking up at the sky you can see there are stars everywhere twinkling as if a blanket of tiny lights was up there. And as Moira was standing looking for signs of their boat driver to arrive, she called out to her older sister, Maera, "dont forget to get the last order from the shop okay"? I guess the boat driver should be here in no minutes time now; Maera gave her sister a nod head sign and strode towards the chinese shops; there she bought 10 pkts of castor sugar, a dozen of tinned meat and a dozen of tinned fish. As she collected other items, for their journey, she could hear her sister shouting across the road, " hey come on lets go" shouted Moira" and as Maera looked across the road she saw the boat driver who was signalling to her to hurry up.
They hailed a cab and took off for the port where they moored their boat.
Arriving at boat it was already stuffed with goods for the journey, an elderly man was standing beside the boat and as the three walked up to him, he said, "okay we'll just put in the rest of your things and your'e good to go. you must make it before the rough sea which should be in about 5:00 am. Maera looked at her watch and said " how many hours to reach Sandry island?" the older man whose name was Karil said "25 minutes", "oh said Moira thats okay then, time enough before 5:00 am."
"But be reminded that there is a small leak in the boat so dont forget to do some bailing out every now and then." says Karil.
Okay now enough talking and move.


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