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Xaryus Mephisto is the only werewolf/vampire hybrid the world has ever known. He is the product of the two oldest bloodlines of both races. His father Theron Mephisto is the first vampire and his mother Amethyst Redcliffe, who died giving birth to him was the Alpha of the Redcliffe Pack and the direct descendant of the first werewolf Rutherford Redcliffe. Throughout his 400 year life, he has become a legend. Today he owns a book store in New Orleans, Louisiana alongside his girlfriends a succubus named Xenrya Shonti, and a nymph named Melinai DeLeon. Together they make up the deadliest triad in the world and for the right price, they will put anyone in the ground.

During World War Two a group of Nazi necromancers known as the Weißer Tod nearly revealed the existence of the Underworld to the average citizens of the Mortal World. Their actions led to all necromancers being labeled outlaws and began the Cleansing. During this event, all necromancers were freely hunted around the world with no consequences for their deaths. As for the Weißer Tod, they made a lifelong enemy in Xaryus. He hunted them for years and killed all but a few. They and many other necromancers went into hiding and have remained there for decades.

Now many of them have come together along with others to form a group known as Spite. Their one goal is to plunge the world into chaos and take their revenge on those who victimized them. But, just as their hatred never faded neither did Xaryus’s. He truly doesn't care about the world and has no desire to play hero but he hates loose ends. No one is safe when the perfect predator is on the hunt.


Tags: sexpolyamorypowerfulincubus/succubusevilnymphwerewolvesvampiremercenarybrutalStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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Xaryus is freshly showered and wearing a Guardian issue tracksuit and a pair of Nikes. Upon arrival at the Guardian headquarters, both the new President was immediately rushed off the helicopter and inside. The Strike Force members were taken off by medical personal to a separate part of the facility where he assumed they were either dead or in ……


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