The Beast Within (Rewriting)

The Beast Within (Rewriting)


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(This story is currently being rewritten)

Calissa Leos was a regular eighteen year old Lycan descended from a line of pure bloods but she wasn't like most of her family and most of her life they kept her sheltered with her holding a key to their families true lineage but when her father insists on including her in a family tradition that's when her true destiny comes to light.

Her fate surrounding magic and something called... A hell beast?


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Chapter Thirty

Lilah stared at the message on the screen. It was short and sweet just like her friend and though she had been mad at Calissa, she still loved and missed her so the message was a serious relief of worry. To know she was okay was at least a little weight from her mind though that was only a single thing from her mind while she was surrounded by c……