Nebula's Anamoly

Nebula's Anamoly


Dante Colborne Fantasy

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After courting Death, Eli awakes to find he has a Computer like system ingrained in his head. He uncovers that his newfound power allows him to travel to a world not dissimilar to the popular sensation, Nebula. The only difference, is when he does travel t this game like world, it becomes apparant it is much more of a reality of its own.


Tags: powerfuldecisiveversatileno-couplehumorousbrilliantspecial abilityMulti-professional Billionaire Writing Contest
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Practice Room

Opening his eyes a white light began to flood into his pupils and he had to take a second to adjust. Eli looked around dumbfounded, there were no walls and it was just endless whiteness in all four directions. Looking upwards, the ceiling was composed of medium sized white tiles that continued out in every direction endlessly. Next he looked dow……