The Shackled Sorceress' Mate

The Shackled Sorceress' Mate


Sammy F Fantasy

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The daughter of Merlin has been nothing but a disgrace. Rebellious, independent, and born without magic. Drusilla is a feminist in a time of chauvinism, and she’s determined that doesn't need a man. When she meets a handsome stranger with a dark secret, will he awake the magic within her heart or will she push him away?


Tags: one-night standcursematekickass heroinewitch/wizardweredragonbxgmedievalfeminismdragonsStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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I watch Calliope follow her friends into the darkness, then turn back to the castle where Merlin awaits.

Surely he knows I’m coming by now… but maybe he’s asleep. A girl can hope, right?

So I take a step toward the castle, but I feel like I’m being stabbed in the chest. Each movement becomes more painful. Heavier. 

How am ……