IMP: Terror and Love

IMP: Terror and Love


Zuxian Fantasy

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He was hunted by some Centuars and Satyrs after he'd breached the orders of the underworld. Then they pursued him till he lost them to a forest. He was found by some of the creatures who he killed. He stayed in the forest for a while till a lady came to the forest. He was surprised to realize that other creatures existed and stole after her till he found a voluptuous village. He returned to his stead (the trunk of a tree) and would go to steal the babies of the inhabitants of the village. He kept on this and travelled to other parts of sewn villages whenever there was no baby to steal anymore. Nemesis caught up with him when it was time for him to be stolen. Ah! He who steal will be stolen.


Tags: darkmanipulativebxgbisexualscarymonstermedievalsuperpowersupernaturalcruel
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In Good Terms

A thick forest.

"Why don't we all return to the village. Eventually we would all die by the claws of that ugly thing. Believe me."

Lude was the first to speak. He was seating all by himself. Hira was seated beside Iva, resting her head on his shoulder. They were all in the cave.