Loving my next door neighbor [ COMPLETED]

Loving my next door neighbor [ COMPLETED]


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“what the hell adam!” Ashley screamed getting ready to tackle him any minute, the nerve of this man.
“ oh come on Ashley, it’s not like you’re going to regret it.” I shook my head and rolled my eyes at him.
“ give me one good reason why I should agree to this?” I hissed at him and he raised his hands in surrender. He finally saw how mad I was at him.
“ you’ll agree once you see him. It’s just a date Ashley, one date. I also want you to be there come on what do you say monkey butt? Will you take that chance?” He asked and I sighed in defeat, I knew he meant good so I’ll just have to agree to this date to get him off my back.
“ ok say I agree what’s in it for you?” Ashley asked waiting for Adam’s reply.this better be good.

“ my girl? Looks like she hates my guts and I thought you said she couldn’t cook?” I asked frustratingly and he grinned at that. Aaron was enjoying this to the fullest.
“ yeah I know, she can’t cook that was just a lie she came up with, Adam had to be doing all the cooking.” He said and I ran my hand through my hair feeling irritated as hell.
“ now what do you suggest I do to win her over?” I asked and Aaron started laughing again.
“ you’re asking me? Last time I checked I was gay and don’t know the first thing about women, it is Adam you should be asking that since she’s his best friend.”

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Thanks everyone for reading my story. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. This is the final chapter of loving my next door neighbor and I hope you enjoyed it.

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