A Vixen's War

A Vixen's War


words_are_weapons Fantasy

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When a stranger shows up the workhouse of foxkin tech-breaker Lilac with the promise of a big payday, it’s just another day for her. By accepting the contract, however, she unknowingly sets in motion a chain of events that threatens to wipe out everything she knows and loves.

Landing paws-first into the morass of the city’s political power-play, she has two choices. She can either be sucked down into it, or tear the whole thing apart.

And Lilac isn’t about to lie down and die without a fight. The odds are stacked against her in a game of shadows, mayhem and murder. But the powers that be have forgotten one thing.

No one told her she was supposed to lose.



Tags: revengebraveversatilebxgmysterywittyfemale leadhigh-tech worldanother worldweak to strong
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Cracking the encrypted files she’d mined from the data core took Lilac three days of solid work. She ran on the final fumes from her reservoir of energy, one last push to get this dangerous information out of her life. Snatching occasional catnaps in the back room of Karno’s shop while her code-breaking software ran its processes, she emerged i……


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