Spacebound Chronicles

Spacebound Chronicles


Thiago Marques Game

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Scott William's life, once hopeful and imaginative, has been reduced to an insufferable loop of early career routine and lonely boredom. That is, until he discovers Fantasy Stars, the revolutionary MMORPG that has taken over the gaming world, and therein turns into the legendary Logan Spacebound.

While venturing to glorious alien worlds and writing the tale of Spacebound, Scott reclaims a sense of passion, purpose and wonder to his days. Fantasy Stars does not only provide experience points and rare loot, but much of what was once lost in the real world: ambition, trust, fellowship... perhaps even love that transcends the virtual frontier.

However, as Scott soon learns, not all players seem to be interested in exploration and adventure. In the shadows, the Chimeras, a group formed by some of the most powerful and influential characters in the game, devise a strategy that might forever change Fantasy Stars at unimaginable costs.

With Logan Spacebound being one of the select few in a position to effectively hinder or support the Chimeras, Scott must decide in which vision of the galaxy to believe in. Do the Chimeras deserve trust? Furthermore, when any one gamer can assume the faces and voices of a plethora of different characters, who can be fully trusted to stick to a single side of the impending conflict?

Even more importantly, when real life loyalties and professional goals clash with the in-game rivalry and universal stakes of Fantasy Stars, to which side would the scale tilt? Is there a way to make the best of both worlds? As both Logan Spacebound and Scott Williams grow in power and importance, the answer to such conundrum grows increasingly harder to find, and its impact over either reality ever more concerning.


Tags: adventurespaceoffice/work placehigh-tech worldanother worldalien contactLitRPGMMORPGweak to strong
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Hours after Logan Spacebound became the heart of the newest blackhole in the galaxy, Scott was back where everything had begun. Sitting around a table in the bar where he had once met an old friend who introduced him to a life changing experience, there was nowhere on Earth—or on the galaxy, for that matter—where Scott Williams would rather be.<……


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