Only Time Will Tell

Only Time Will Tell


Cassanova16 Fantasy

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In the very beginning, only five types of beings existed: the dwarves, elves, dragons, wizards & of course the humans (Every other creature existing on earth are just aftermath of THE GREAT WAR) and they all lived and coexisted in harmony.

As the years went by, a prophecy came of an evil, that would seek to destroy the peace between these BEINGS & the earth with it. Everyone believed the evil would come from the humans, as they had secluded themselves from the other beings, striving to be better... but little did they know it would come from the most friendly and trusted beings — the wizards!

A Wizard (Dormamu)emerged. Having an insatiable greed for power, he indulged in Black magic (astral projection) and it darkened his soul, causing him to revolt against his fellow wizards. He slaughted everyone who refused to submit to his doctrines; and those he didn't, he transformed to creatures that have never been known on earth, recruiting them into an army.

Forging an alliance, the other beings fought back, leading to the GREAT WAR. The war was indeed a blood bath, as many souls were lost!
Dormamu lost the war, and is now imprisoned in the astral realm, only to be released at the mention his name.
But ONLY TIME WILL TELL how long evil can be suppressed.


Tags: adventuretime-travelwitch/wizardseriousmysterymagical world
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Chapter 60: Another Adventure

After the end of the second GREAT WARS, the Army of the Four Lands disbanded and they all returned to their homes. The Crowned Prince, Nassor finally recovered and took over the mantle of leadership as the new King of the Elf Kingdom and the Three Lands, while Margaret returned to her village as the new ruler. The Lycan and the Vampire went thei……


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