Tower To Immortal: Inception (Book One)

Tower To Immortal: Inception (Book One)


ExChaser Fantasy

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"I don't even remember my name!"

Without any memories about his past self, what worst was realizing that he was already been dead and was sent into an unknown place called the Tower.

The only way for him to regain it's was for him to learn about the mysterious Tower. It wouldn't be as easy as his thought as the Tower isn't a safe place. It was inhabited by monsters and dangerous people.

Thus he had no other choice but to prepare himself...

-The Only Way To Survive Was To Fight-


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Chapter 18: Wyvern Face-Off (I)

Nearly two days, I tried to get myself used to the bow and the leather armor. Just like what Eilbart had said to me a few days ago, I am needing to get accustomed to using this stuff. 

As I remember the first time I tried using the bow, I missed a lot of shots because I wasn’t used to the weight and how I needed to u……