Shallows Creek: Requiem Of The Guilty

Shallows Creek: Requiem Of The Guilty

Richard .T. Appleby Paranormal Urban

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In the town of Shallows Creek paranoia and surperstition run rampant in the populace fueled by the teachings of the church. A killer who can't be traced is targeting the wealthy and powerful causing an uproar in the townsfolk who blame vengeful spirits for these crimes. With no level heads in sight and the constables stumped they call on the service of the peculiar Doctor Kent Lockheart studier of the occult and human anatomy. A victim of superstitious mobs in his youth, he now strives to show the misguided masses that with reason and logic even the unexplained can be explained. With tid bits of humor and plenty of mystery to go around Lockheart must navigate through the dark side of humanity to prove that man is always the monster.


Tags: darkarrogantdoctorbxgmysterybrilliantdetectivevictorianrealistic earthcrime
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