Tough Warrior in Galaxy

Tough Warrior in Galaxy

Elk Entertainment Science Fiction

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As the only surviving object in the experiment, Qin Luo is born to be different.
To disguise the fact that he is still alive, his parents who are forced to be the experimenters fight agat the government and become fugitives.
They hide behind fake identities and live a poor abandoned pla.
Even so, the spaceship of the government arrives at their house.
His parents are under rest and sentenced to death.
Qin Luo makes his words to revenge...for the innocent experiment objects, for his parents, for himself.
Attention please: It is a MTL novel and we proofread the beginning part.
Release rate: 5 chapters per week


Tags: HEwarriorbxgkickingambitioussoldierhigh-tech worldweak to strong
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