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MiaSharp Fantasy

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Levi Anders' life has been turned upside down. Living in the era of the Dark War, the Light Elves of Alfheim and the Dark elves of Niflheim are fighting in a centuries long war for the land that belongs to the residents of Alfheim and who will be the reigning monarchabove them all. Levi experiences a heart-wracking tragedy involving his family courtesy of the Dark Elves because of this very war. After reality sets in, Levi goes undercover in the persona of a entirely different White Elf, Nicholas Rune. Using this persona, he joins the White Elf Army in hopes of bringing the war to an end. With the help of his friends and even the gods themselves, he sets forth to find the best way to end it all sooner then later and with as few casualties as possible. But will Levi be able to bring it all to an end before the Dark Elves destroy what is left of the White elves homeland of Alfheim?


Tags: adventurefairy/faerybxgambitiousmale leadsoldiermythologysword-and-sorcerymagical worldsupernaturalStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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The tavern was sparsely filled, so I could find the male I was looking for rather easily. I had all my guards but Eldric stand outside the door, as we went to slide into the booth the elf was sitting in. I pulled Isil closer, and the elf looked up at me. "Who the f**k are you and what do you want? You don't belong here. So why don't you go back ……


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