Quantum Leap - Vol. 3 I Will Wait For You On The Other Side

Quantum Leap - Vol. 3 I Will Wait For You On The Other Side


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"Who are you depending on right now, yes? Are you going to forsake your scholarship for that girl?" Sam Mulder, who had exchanged body yet again with a Japanese student named Shiro was basically dumbfounded as he sat there on the plush armchair in the President of the Sports Committee as Ayumi raised her foot and places it near the crotch of where Shiro was sitting.

"She's good for nothing and you could be of use when the time comes. Shiro...remember a scholarship is without a sacrifice and I know what you would be anticipating in the next few moments once you had signed the scholarship deal.."

Ayumi's barefoot was slowly caressing Shiro's crotch as he fights the urge of having an erection which would be the wrong reaction at that particular moment...!

"Oh Boy...!" wild thoughts raced through Shiro aka Sam Mulder as he tried toget out of that super sticky situation...!!!


Tags: darksexreincarnation/transmigrationbody exchange/body swapindependentstudentbxgkickinghighschoolanother worldWriting Academy
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