Spirit Wolf - New Beginning (Book One)

Spirit Wolf - New Beginning (Book One)


Ranya Romance

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I remember my mom telling me a story about the spirit wolf. A beautiful ethereal creature with the soft dark almost black translucent fur during the New Moon and glowing silver fur during the Full Moon, with gentle yet powerful ocean deep blue eyes. Just looking at him makes you gasp out of breath and bow in respect. His aura is strong enough to intimidate any enemy making them submit without a fight.
She always described the wolf as a strong Alpha who will lead us, werewolves to glory, the Alpha who will always protect us from in this twisted world where we are slowly losing our place and being slaughter like animals. The Alpha, who will unite wolves, those in packs and rogues, and lead us under his leadership.

As a kid, I believed those stories my mom created. I desperately wished to be that wolf. I wished when I reach my sixteenth birthday I will have a spirit wolf. I will be the most powerful wolf that ever lived and protect my people. I will be the one to lead and protect us all, protect our people and lands. I learned the hard way that it was just a story for the kids. I learned the hard way that there is no possibility of the packs union. I learned that the rogues won't be able to live in a community with other wolves. I learned that they were just bedtime stories, my mom made up to put me sleep. I learned that the day when I lost my parents, my lovely mother, and a strong father with half of the pack.


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