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“What about her memory doctor? Will she be able to remember and tell us who did all this to her?” Jose asked and the doctor sighed, “Honestly, it is not the right time to say. We have to wait for her to regain her senses first.”
Jose just nodded and released a deep breathe.
“It is already late Jose and I think you should return home now. There is nothing you can do here. And I will be here for her and will send for you if she comes to her senses.” The doctor said and Jose agreed.
“Thank you Dr Fernandez! Please do send me a message if she wakes up.”


I find him at last, my soulmate, the only love of my life for whom I have returned from death, the father of my children, my husband sitting on the couch in the semi dark room talking to a picture! Whose picture is that?

I slowly close the door but it makes a creaking sound.

"Who is there? How dare you enter my room?" his roaring loud voice makes my heart race. He stands up and walks towards me.
"Wait! Show me your face!"

Oh God! What will happen now??


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Narrator’s POV—

With the help of Lily’s and Olivia’s testimony and along with the watch as one of the items admitted as proof, Marcos was convicted for a lifetime imprisonment however, Ryan’s Lawyer have challenged the order and pleaded death sentence for destroying a family! Lily has been excused because she was being forced to comply and……