The Time When I was Reincarnated as a Spirit

The Time When I was Reincarnated as a Spirit


Arc Fantasy

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A Professor who lived her life studying all types of knowledge and does not have proper interaction with the outside world. Suddenly he wakes up in a bizarre world, he was sitting on an altar with confusion in his head. Then suddenly he knows himself as a great advisor of the Kingdom and known as the Spirit of Knowledge.


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationconfidentbxgbrilliantgeniusexpertanother worldspiritualprofessor70 Days Themed-writing Challenge
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Casper POV 

I wake early, as I expected to open the door I see Mabelle waiting, we exchange good morning to each other, then we go to the diner, as I plan to cook something simple but not in this world. I go to the kitchen with Mabelle I plan to cook a burger.

*What will be their reaction to this odd recipe?* I just think.