The Unsung Hero of a Thousand Worlds

The Unsung Hero of a Thousand Worlds

Chris Skyler Fantasy

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Meet Arc Nova. He's had many lives. He's fought everything every world has to offer.
Experienced. Powerful. Kind. Broken.
These are the words that people would use to describe him.
But when when disaster strikes on Elysium, The World of Heroes, he is hired by the Elder Gods to subjugate the incoming threat.
But he ends up bloody and bruised. Unable to beat the enemy, he runs away, losing his left eye and arm in the process.
Realizing he's been set up by the gods, he vows vengeance agat them, promising to take their heads.
Who set him up?
For what reason would anyone want him dead?
What is this display of ungratefulness?

They will know what it means to mess with The Unsung Hero of a Thousand Worlds.


Tags: darkreincarnation/transmigrationdecisiveconfidentbxgseriousanother worldspecial abilitypolygamySupreme Me Fiction Writing Contest
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