Reincarnated With Zero Aptitude For Magic

Reincarnated With Zero Aptitude For Magic


Arukane Fantasy

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In a world of magic... what if you're the only one who can't even chant a single magic spell?
The one teenager standing at the peak of humanity whose knowledge is above 200 IQ is Arion Aldrehrt; a prodigy inventor who's murdered at the hands of his girlfriend that is identified as an infamous Japanese assassin, and now reincarnated by Azrael, Grim Reaper of the Underworld in a fantasy world with zero aptitudes in the field of magic.
Remembering all the knowledge from his previous life, he's acquired a system to utilize his inventions whenever he wanted. Arion's confident he can become the strongest using his technological weaponry together with the girl he chose to become his partner among the other three that were reincarnated, they were four including himself. As he accepts the world he lives in, he meets valuable companions that will help him conquer the true ordeal he must face.

"If I can't chant a single magic spell..."
[ Creation Select: Hellfire Rifle ]
He picked one of his glorious inventions.
"Then, I just have to create my own!"
A gunshot echoed beyond the skies after he pulled the trigger.

Volume 1: Creator System
Volume 2: Embers of Burning Fury
Volume 3: Forgiveness Beyond Hatred
Volume 4: Wings of Liberation
Volume 5: Prisoner of Derivative Destiny (On-going)

Volume 6-7 coming soon

Genres: Isekai/Reincarnation | Fantasy | Harem | LitRPG | Action | Romance


Tags: adventurereincarnation/transmigrationwitch/wizardbxgmagical worldwitchcraftharemLitRPGweak to strongengineer
Latest Updated
Chapter 235: Target

In a faraway land of fantasy and magic; there was once a kingdom of green that rules the northeast continent.

Not through the imposition of power and conflict, but the acclimation of living in a world free from any constraints. A kingdom that represents freedom, a place where one could become anything a person could ever imagine.


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