Elementrix: Against the Creation

Elementrix: Against the Creation


Wreck2 Fantasy

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After the creation of mankind God dismantled the Shard of Creation into seven different elements. The elemental shards are stored in a chamber that harness the shards power and use the power to continuously sustain the Earth. The Unholy Spirit ordered the Demon Lords known as the Deadly S to steal the Elemental Shards and use its power to end mankind. God ordered his Supreme Angels known as the Heavenly Virtues to guard the Shards and protect mankind from the Demon Lords.


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As the apparition blocked the attack Mike immediate ran towards it

"Linda!" Mike shouted as he approaches her

As Mike lounges straight at the apparition he  just passed through it. Mike look at its face and it is definitely Linda but something is off. Linda seems furious. Her eyes are raging like fire, her ……