Rising From the Ashes

Rising From the Ashes


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After a horrific event, Lexi is taken away from her family, never to see them again. Her life that used to be a dream, has now become a cruel reality. That is, until her brother finds her. What will happen to her? Can the past be easily forgotten, or will it continue to haunt her?

Rising from the Ashes, tells the tale of a strong female, destined for greatness. However, she must learn to overcome her past.

***This story contains mature scenes. Scenes may contain rape, abuse, and sexual content. Viewer discretion is advised.***


Tags: darkforbiddenfatedforceddramabxgmysteryabusedisappearancefirst loveStary Writing Academy II - Adventure NovelsMi Jefe/millonario + Concurso IStary Writing Camp
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