The Seven Throne

The Seven Throne


Shira Yuki Fantasy

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The throne is a symbol of power and strength. Responsibility is a part of great power.

A world filled with magic and a sword in danger of being destroyed. Forecasts of destruction that repeat every century must be stopped.

Seven Sacred Weapons given by Gods. Each weapon chooses its own owner who is destined to save the world. But human greed always has its own plan.

Can these seven chosen people save the world?

Or is it human greed that will bring the world to ruin?

Follow the story here. An adventure full of action and stunning magic.


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The second half ended quickly after the turn of the top ten was over.

Everything went smoothly.

Or so it should be.

If you ignore the part of the complete destruction of the arena by Ramiel and Invidia (Envy) ... it really goes smoothly.

I won't say much about the two of them. With that m……