Adventure of the Timeless Sorcerer

Adventure of the Timeless Sorcerer


IMAGUS Fantasy

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Eredene was an orphan in the town of Ethereus, he do different works in order to gain money for his wicked stepmom who takes care of him. Everything change when he met an old man who gave him a staff. The staff was too mysterious that it's power let's him control any elemental and can cause for him to have a time travel. Eredene find it as a luck to get out from the hands of his stepmom but he is not the only one who is interested with the staff, the dark lord, Phyro wants it to open the 12 gates of the divine garden in the celestial world.
with his four friends, Eredene finds himself fighting for the staff and they will gonna try to save the world from Phyro.


Tags: adventureothersreincarnation/transmigrationtime-travelcurseothersmysteryanother worldStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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Chapter 2

   Aqua was tending some firewood in the forest and searching also for some food for their supper, she's thinking that maybe, her power needed more practice and enhancement so that she can be more powerful wizard. suddenly she lost consciousness, the fell into the ground scattering the firewood then she heard footsteps coming towards h……