Rivalry: Infinite Buff

Rivalry: Infinite Buff


Elk Entertainment Game

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Ivan, like other teenagers, loves playing computer games and yearns for freedom.
He was expelled from school after being caught to sneak out to play computer games.
Feeling lost and uncertain about the future, he joined the cybercafé owner’s team and made money by playing computer games.
But if you think that’s his life, simple and boring, you make a huge mistake!
His world changed greatly after he luckily got Guru's Heart !


Tags: adventuresystemdominantbravekickingcityMMORPGpoor to richweak to strongcolleagues to lovers
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Chapter 118 A Strange Cowboy

It wouldn't take long to move several hundred yards, but Ivan, Leo and other mates had walked for fully half an hour and hadn't reached the foot of the snow mountain.

"Damn, something's wrong," Ivan and Leo said in unison.

Certainly, something was wrong. They hadn't finished a few hundred yards in half an hour. This p……