Knights and Ladies

Knights and Ladies


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He said to me: "I will be your knight in shining armor, my lady."
But I am uncertain. How can he, when I am but a man myself stuck into the body of a lady in the midst of an alternate medieval earth!!
Sam picked up a game pack amidst warnings. Little did he know his life would be changed forever, swapped into a lady's body with one goal.
Become the unchallenged Lady of Titledom as his return ticket back to Earth.
[Congratulations, Gamer XX65, you have being randomly assigned the character 'Lady Samantha's, the weak sickly lady of castle Titledom in Kingdom of Xerxes...
Please wait... Randomly simulating entry scene for your first appearance...
Game Scene selected...]

It started as a game, but somehow, things go all wrong and an adventure seeking gamer will either be lost in a medieval world or lose his sanity.
In Knights and Ladies, there are NO second chances.
Achieve your mission , or die trying...


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationmanipulativekickass heroineseriousambitiousmagical worldsupernature earthfaceslappingkingdom building
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Final Fantasies


[Gamer XX65 is currently interfacing with Gamer XXX9. That is all that the system can divulge.]

Wait what? What do you mean Gamer XX9?

Is he the Ninth player to play Knights and Ladies? Did he get sucked into the game here like me? What the f**k, alexa? Tell me more. 

I probe at the system but there is no reply……


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